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Take Advantage of Free Product Listings on Google Search

Reprinted from today’s article in TechCrunch by Sarah Perez Earlier this year, Google made a significant change to its Shopping search tab in the U.S. to allow the service to primarily feature free product listings selected by Google’s algorithms, instead of paid ads. Building on that change, Google is today introducing a shift to free product listings […]

Engaging Your Audience

Developing a great product or service first involves a series of steps. A different set of steps is required to make that product or service great in the minds of its market. Picture the child who walks in front of a first grade classroom with a coat of arms for show and tell. Telling your […]

Get Out Front and Stay Focused

As the charts included here indicate, the debate over the use of traditional advertising vs. digital advertising continues to heat up. Few businesses can market the way they did just five years ago. As consultants, the only dog in the fight for us is our client. We are not a television station, (or radio station or newspaper), or a […]

Understanding What You Hear About Digital Advertising

I read a sensational headline the other day. Sensational not because it was a great headline. It was sensational because it reported something that wasn’t true … yet. The article appeared in AdAge.com and the headline read “Digital Ads to Overtake Traditional Ads in U.S. Local Markets by 2018”. Wow! The article was accompanied by the […]

Content Marketing: Leave An Impression

In the past, digital marketers would make educated guesses about the type of content needed for businesses, but this strategy can be a hit-and-miss approach and it leads to creating content that is only read by a few people. In order to be successful at content marketing, you need to add value. You need to […]