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Your Company’s KPIs Are More Important Than Almost Everything You’ll See On The Nightly News.

“Focus on the things you can control and don’t sweat the rest”. I think John Wooden said this, but I couldn’t immediately find an actual quote. It doesn’t really matter.

Your business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the fundamental guidelines for decision making and the means to your company’s sustainability, success and growth. In these changing and uncertain times it’s even more important to keep an eye on them, interpret and react to what you learn. Some KPIs are tangible. Sales, phone inquiries would be two important examples. Increasingly virtually measured KPIs (Analytics) are giving businesses a more informed view on what their customers are thinking and what interests them. Ultimately, staying focused on these fundamentals puts you and your company in better shape for anything that comes along and affects your business which you cannot control.

Anderson Cooper, David Muir and all the rest won’t do that for you … even combined!

Different companies and departments have different KPIs. For this article, we’ll focus on the marketing. A brief summary and a few Marketing KPI examples would be similar to the following:

Marketing KPIs – Website traffic, conversion rate, cost per conversion, bounce rate, traffic sources, new visitors, length of time on site,  social media engagement, traffic from social media, email subscriber growth and email open rate.
There are many of varying degree of importance and all are available through Google Analytics.

Conversion KPIs

Conversion numbers are the most important to follow. Site visitors with the most immediate interest or future potential are generally the most likely to take the next step. Contact us or consult with another Google Partner about setting up conversions to display in your Analytics account or review the following graphics representing Goal Set-up in the Admin area of your Analytics account. Conversions can also be set up in your Adwords account. Google provides a full set of instructions here:

A word of caution if you have never done this before – Take your time, be patient and be ready to repeat.

KPIs and Conversions … they may not be flashy, they may not be dramatic. With all respect to Leslie and the gang, they’re more like good ‘ol Walter Cronkite – When news was news you could use.

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