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Get Out Front and Stay Focused

As the charts included here indicate, the debate over the use of traditional advertising vs. digital advertising continues to heat up. Few businesses can market the way they did just five years ago. As consultants, the only dog in the fight for us is our client. We are not a television station, (or radio station or newspaper), or a search engine or a social media site.

We work for the business who hires us. We are here to build value for their brand, products and services. We help our clients evaluate their many opportunities and determine the mix that is most supportive, effective and efficient.

Media changes constantly. As does the world we live in. The undeniable truth is that our culture devotes more and more time getting information and is therefore confronted with more and more competing messages. Your only recourse is to focus on the right message, tell and re-tell your story. Be the constant.

Television viewing by age demographic

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