App would allow an online rug shopper the ability to see a rug they like in place in the room before the order is placed.

In Photoshop, the user can select an item in a photo by selecting all the item’s colors. The user can then copy all those items and paste them back into the photo in their same position but on another layer in the image.

If another image is applied or pasted in between these two layers, it creates the illusion the middle layer is part of the image because only the selected items in the 3rd layer are on top and in their original position.

Idea for the app is to allow an online shopper the ability to do this in real time on their mobile device. (First iphone and ipad.) The app would come with the rug store’s rug photos, shot from this same angle, already stored in the app. The shopper now has the ability to see the rug, colors and design in the room the shopper is hoping to decorate with the furniture in place.

The rug store’s rug images would be scalable, width and length, to adjust to the size desired by the shopper. Shopper would then be able to snap a photo of the perspective rug in place and email this to the rug store with the room’s dimension’s in order to get an accurate size estimate for the rug.