Digital Advertising

We are all seeing the Digital Advertising revolution taking place right in front of us. It gets faster, more targeted, more cost effective and smarter every day. In fact, the “future” is already here. By sometime in 2017, it will surpass traditional advertising in revenue.

So, what does digital advertising look like on the implementation side, what can digital advertising do for your business and how can you begin?


As with any smart advertising, it is vital to know your target market and groups, where they access their information, what interests them, where they are, when to reach them and what their personas are. Massive amounts of profile information now exists via our internet use. With our DSP partner Centro, we are now equipped to consolidate ad-buying on all the major digital media channels through Centro’s software platform, ensuring that our clients have the most advanced tools to deliver superior service for local businesses. Centro, allows us quickly extend the effectiveness and efficiency of audience buying through the world’s largest network of digital channels.

Centro DSP offers the following features:
  • Access to high-touch customer success team to help marketers grow expertise and knowledge
  • Mobile retargeting and comprehensive hyperlocal targeting capabilities
  • Quality inventory curated by Centro’s team from top publishers and ad marketplaces
  • Brand-safety standards and fraud-detection proactively maintained by Centro
What Can Digital Advertising Do For Your Business?

Our programmatic advertising solution lets you reach audiences across all their channels, with the transparency and the data to refine and optimize your campaigns. There is no easier way to get started with programmatic advertising—and succeed..

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